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Tools for basketball coaches


A basketball coach always needs video analysis tools, to watch in a better and complete way the game. Therefore I present inside a huge number of tools, the ones that are my favorite.

Longo Match

Software de Análise de Video - Basquetebol

Longo Match is a video analysis tool. This software has three versions (free, starter and pro). In the PRO version, it is possible to analyze an unlimited number of games, it is also possible to analyze live games. One of the best features of this software is the possibility to create presentations with the taken clips.

Klip Draw

Software de Análise de Video - Basquetebol

Klip Draw is another video analysis tool but cheaper. This software has two versions (Basic and Animate) both are pay versions. The animate version has a limited number of clips by project, it is possible to create footage and measure the distance between two points.


A basketball coach always needs to plan and schedule in the best way the games, practices, and the players. Therefore I present the best tools to help coaches with that task.

Fiba Europe Coach Section

Sector para Treinadores de Basquetebol - Gestão de Equipas

Fiba Europe Coach Section is a website built to help coaches to manage the team better and it is completely free. It is possible to create a player’s profiles with personal data, as well as create drills, practices, plays, and playbooks. One of the very useful tools of this platform is management player absence.


A basketball coach always needs to create and save drills that created, or plays call from the opponents or even plays that want to use in the future. Therefore I present the best tools to help coaches with that task.

Fast Draw

Aplicação para desenhar jogadas e exercícios - Basquetebol

FastDraw is a software build by the brand fast model. It sums up in a tool to facilitate the process of drawing drills and plays that you can use to your team. It is possible to create playbooks, save plays as well trade plays from other coaches, Another feature is the possibility to easily trade plays with other users or send by email.


Stats on basketball plays a big role and a basketball coach always needs to keep on track and save all data from stats. In order to help coaches to resume all data, I present the best stats tools.

Breakthrough Basketball Stats

Aplicação para recolha de estatística - Basquetebol

Breakthrough Stats is an app online available on the app store. It is possible to track all the game events to the app and allows them to create a roster and the different games. This tool gives at any moment different types of reports about the game of previous games that was track.

Basketball Stats Tracker

Aplicação de recolha de estatística de basquetebol

Basketball Stat Tracker is also an app of tracking game events, it is available on app store and google play store. Allows to collect game events, create different teams and different plays. The best feature of this tool is the possibility to see any report of the actual game or a report any team.