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Basketball Break is a show of video breakdown of different aspects of the game. 

With this show it is easy to understand the reason from some game plans of each team in different aspects of the game. It is breakdown games, players, plays and different dynamics from different competitions and different countries. 



Basketball Break EP.3 - Italy Transition Offense

This episode is a breakdown of Italy’s early offense. You can see how they run the euro ball screen in transition offense, a big trend in European basketball.

Besides the normal way they run it, you can see counters and how they adapted their transition offense to explore some variants to their shooters.

A lot of European teams are playing this type of offense, another example is Panathinaikos. All the clips are from the Olympic qualification tournament which Italy qualified for the Olympic tournament.

Basketball Break - Episódio 2

Basketball Break EP.2 - Ball Screen Reads

In the second episode of the basketball break, I explain different ways to attack the ball screen. To analyze this game I saw the game between two NBA teams Dallas Mavericks and the Lakers.

I show ways to attack that ball screen when the defender is chasing the ball handler, how to attack the pick and roll when the defense drop in the ball screen, how to attack when they go under the screen and how to attack when they make a show.

Basketball Break - Episódio 2

Basketball Break EP.1 - Off Ball Screen Reads

Today I present the breakdown of a game between Real Madrid and Barcelona, in this game I break down the off-ball screen reads, if they were made correctly and why they de players read that way and not another way.

This game was a very tie game until the end, and Real Madrid was much better which was the first official game without Luka Doncic.

Basketball Break - Episódio 1

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